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Coffee Time!

Gooood morning!! Can you believe it’s already July? This year has flown by! With some good coffee, thankfully!

I recently started working with a coffee company called Coffee Over Cardio. They have so many flavors of ground coffee! For example; French Toast, Chocolate Donut, Cinnabon, Vanilla Hazelnut, & moreeee! Also, there are non-flavor coffees as well. Everything comes in ground coffee and K-Cups.

My favorite thing about Coffee Over Cardio coffee, you don’t even need sugar!! Just cream! Save those calories for a few cookies lol.

They also sell apparel, coffee mugs, tumblers, protein snack bars, and much more.

So if you would like to browse the website here is a discount code you can use to save money!! 10SierraParrish

On Pinterest down below you can find tons of coffee recipes I have created! Follow along so we can make coffee together (:

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