Living with the Parrishs

Hey y’all! Sit back, relax, and feel free to mix up a Margarita!

I’m excited to begin this journey and share my lifestyle with everyone! My page will be a place to get recipes, fashion inspo, travel & home ideas and so much more! We’re in this together! My goal is to be as helpful as I can when it comes to all things fashion, health, beauty, food & life in general! I will always share my favorites and things that work for me. I like shopping a TON but sometimes my wallet doesn’t agree! Lol. So all you ladies (& men!) out there who are always looking for things to buy, stick around and I’ll be sure to give the best sales I can find. I post more of my day to day life on Instagram so go give me a follow to never miss a beat!

PS. I also shop for my husband so make sure you keep an eye out for outfits and beard products for your man!

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