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Facts About Myself

Hi guys!! Let’s get to know each other a little bit better. Here are a few weird & quirky facts about myself.

1. I married my high school sweetheart, Ozie! We met at a baseball game that he was playing and the rest is history. Started dating in June of 2012 and tied the knot in 2019! He is my biggest supporter & best friend.

2. I use to barrel race, play softball, volleyball and run cross country! Being active has always been my thing. Now I go to our local gym 5 to 6 times weekly. I lift weights, do cardio and practice yoga. You could say working out is my biggest hobby!

3. I now have three tattoos and 6 piercings. I got all tattoos within 6 months of each other and it was spurt of the moment lol.

4. My favorite food is mexican! Same for my husband. We eat it at least once a week, if not more! My go to would have to be fajitas or tacos. And of course bean dip!

5. & I can’t live without sweets. I literally eat them after every meal… There are always brownies, cookies, or anything baked here at the Parrish household! (Most the time healthy, but not always.) Baking is probably my second biggest hobby.

6. My favorite beverages are coffee and margaritas! I drink water for the obvious reasons, lol. Occasionally I will have a few sips of Ozie’s sweet tea!

7. Rainy days are my favorite days. Weird or no?? It’s so relaxing! And the best time to light up candles and clean the house! AND bake all things chocolate.

8. I’m an Aries, born April 10th. And a type 7 Enneagram! Take the test to find out which one you are. It’s pretty cool! (Linked below)

9. I have 2 biological sisters, and I’m the baby!! I also have a stepsister. One of my sisters and stepsister actually have the SAME NAME and spelled the exact same way. So now they both get called by nick names! Lol

10. I am very spontaneous. Last minute road trips are my jam! Which is also why I enjoy traveling so much, too. Exploring different cities and seeing the variety in the world make my heart happy!

11. I am a hugeee car lover! Which is something my husband introduced me to. So we have a common hobby together and we love it.

12. Shoes make up 80% of my closet. They are by far my most loved fashion item and what I prefer to empty my pocket book on!

13. I can make a clover leaf with my tongue… It’s the weirdest, yet coolest thing! No picture because my hubby says its veryyy weird lol.

14. I HATE oreos… There, I said it! Haha

15. I’m a natural brunette and I’ve been dying it since I was 15!

16. The last but weirdest mentioned fact, I can turn my belly button inside out… If I could put emojis there would be 48 laughing emojis!

I know there are some things I forgot to mention but stick around and feel free to ask whatever comes to mind!

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